O Brother When Art Thou

Brothers Neil and David White explore some of the quirky, fun and downright strange people, places and events from history

Simon De Montfort, the most powerful man in England, has a political problem on his hands. But he also has a solution! Unbeknownst to him, his revolutionary plan will forever change the way the western world thinks about political power, and set the stage for the democracies to come.

On Christmas Eve 1941, as Santa is making his trip around the world, a small French fleet with about a hundred marines storm a remote island off the coast of Canada. The invasion, which might have gone unnoticed had they not been accompanied by a famous American war correspondent, would have major repercussions for relationships between the Allied countries and their war against Vichy France.

Communications errors between four British Generals cost hundreds of soldiers their lives on a far away battlefield, but when the country’s Poet Laureate pens a tribute to the doomed ‘Charge of the Light Brigade,’ it becomes a mistake that will echo through the ages. And it still has something to teach us something about patriotism, changing technology and the importance of communication.

Chariot race fans are the biggest sports fans in the Byzantine empire. But when a race between the blues and the greens ends in a dispute, it kicks off a riot that will grow to threaten the life of the Emperor himself

Admiral Yi Sun-sin defies the orders of his king, vowing to fight with his navy until his dying breath. But can the brilliant naval strategist find a way to stop the Japanese invasion despite being outnumbered by 133 warships to 13?

Niccolo Machiavelli literally writes the book on ruthless politics, but when a dead pope creates a problem for the political career of Duke Cesare Borgia, can Machiavellian politics save them, or will an even more ruthless politician rise up in the fractured world of Italian politics?

The Duelling Economist

The roots of the world’s first stock market crash in 1720 go all the way back to an early morning duel in London 26 years earlier. This is a story of gambling, sword fighting, womanizing and economics that will set the stage for capitalism as we know it

Count Talleyrand is one of the most skilled diplomats in Europe. He’s also a corrupt fraudster who’s worked for whichever government happened to be in power at the time. Now his greatest challenge will come at a diplomatic table in Vienna, just as Napoleon faces off against the English at Waterloo. Will this be his greatest triumph or a defeat to match that of The Little Corporal?

50 years ago today on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history by becoming the first men to walk on the moon. It was an exciting moment at the end of a difficult decade, and one that brought together science, technology, politics, communications and human determination. This is the story of one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind

There’s a grand legal drama playing out in England in 1772. Everyone wants to know, will the highest court in the land outlaw slavery? Plus we celebrate the Women’s World Cup with a history of soccer quiz!

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